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Ну то, что к знакомым Захаровой[wiki] через одного приходят из ФБР, оно как бы вовсе и не удивительно.
P.S. Ко мне грешному, к слову сказать, однажды таки приходили оттуда на предмет побеседовать. Году, кажется, в 2002-м.
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Из дневника наблюдений за живой природой опять. Регулярно наблюдаю высокое начальство, вкушающим свой ланч в одном из близлежащих фастфудов класса Subway и т.п.

Зарплата высокого начальства составляет, согласно финансовой отчётности конторы, $500К+.

Высокое начальство просто очень занято и высокому начальству просто действительно надо быстро, скажете вы. Но нет — высокое начальство можно видеть кушающим с толком и с расстановкой, почитывая газету.
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Из дневника наблюдений за живой природой: неординарное, я считаю, культурное и эстетическое решение — надеть поверх хиджаба бейсболку.
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This surprising factor predicts how likely it is that you’ll get divorced
[Catey Hill | May 10, 2017 | via Money•ish]

These three digits are the real magic number.

More than four in 10 people (42%) say that knowing someone’s credit score could impact whether or not they went on a date with that person, according to a survey of 1000 adults released Wednesday by Bankrate.com. Of those, 13% say it could have a major impact, while 29% say it would have a more minor impact.

No doubt, some people reading this will think this is shallow: Just because a person isn’t so great with money doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date them, right? Well, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that credit scores are very important to a relationship.

For one, your credit score can predict your likelihood of divorce, according to a 2015 study of roughly 12 million consumers by researchers at the Federal Reserve Board, the Brookings Institution and UCLA. The higher your credit score, the less likely you’ll split from your partner, and vice versa. Indeed, for every 105-point uptick in a person’s credit score, there is a 32% drop in the likelihood of them divorcing. “Couples with the lowest initial average scores are two or three times more likely to separate than the couples with the highest average scores, and the likelihood of separation largely diminishes as scores increase,” the study found.

But how do you bring it up? First, “you can’t just blurt out” a question about credit score, says Terry Siman, the managing director at United Capital’s Philadelphia office; you need to watch their money behaviors to find the right time to talk about this. Etiquette and relationship expert April Masini says that you can broach the topic with a friendly question like “Have you had to work as hard as me to get your credit score up to snuff?” She says that “by naming it and associating it with a challenge, you’ve become a little more direct.” If that doesn’t work, it’s okay to be more direct. She recommends saying something like ““I really like you — I feel like we should talk about some serious stuff”, adding that this sets the tone for a no hold barred conversation about a variety of things, including finances.

Another reason you want to know a credit score: It can hint to you how trustworthy someone is. A 2011 study from researchers at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Dallas found that people with higher credit scores were more likely to return money to its owner than those with lower scores. And the 2015 study concluded a similar thing: “Credit scores matter for committed relationships because they reveal information about general trustworthiness,” the researchers write.

So when should you find out someone’s credit score? “It’s probably not a great idea to ask for someone’s financial history on the first date,” says Mike Cetera, credit card analyst at Bankrate.com. “However, it’s better to know if a potential partner has a history of bad financial decisions before the relationship goes too far, especially if you plan on making large purchases together or sharing bank accounts.”

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Absent Formal Attorney General Opinion, New Topless Women Policy In Place On Ocean City Beach
[Jun 07 2017 | by Shawn Soper | via The MD Coast Dispatch]

OCEAN CITY — With still no formal opinion from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office on the legality of women going topless in the same area as men are allowed to go shirtless, the Ocean City Beach Patrol (OCBP) this week issued a directive to turn a blind eye, so to speak, on the issue.

Last August, at the request of Maryland resident Chelsea Covington, Worcester County State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby reached out to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office (MAGO) seeking an opinion on the legality of women going topless in the same areas where men are allowed to go shirtless under the Equal Protection Act. It’s an opinion that could have serious repercussions in the resort area. Covington, an advocate for female bare-chestedness in public through the TopFreedom initiative, often goes topless in public places in Maryland, including Ocean City and Assateague.

Roughly 10 months later, the MAGO has not handed down a formal opinion on the issue, nor ostensibly any directives for law enforcement agencies on how to handle the issue in the interim. Absent a clear-cut directive from the Attorney General’s Office, the Ocean City Beach Patrol (OCBP) and the Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) are handling the female topless issue with kid gloves, careful to respect the rights of all involved including those females who choose to go topless and the countless visitors and residents who might be offended.

Just last weekend, three women were reportedly casually sunbathing topless on the beach at 11th Street. On Tuesday, OCBP Captain Butch Arbin said the beach patrol had not received any formal opinion from the MAGO, but was working under the assumption Maryland’s laws on the issue were rather nebulous and difficult to enforce.

“The bottom line is that according to the attorney general, there is no enforceable law on the books that prohibits topless females,” he said. “Personally, I don’t think it is good for Ocean City or the families that wish to visit an All-American city, but we only enforce the laws and ordinances. Therefore, our staff has been give specific direction on this issue.”

That specific directive was carefully spelled out in a policy statement issued by Arbin to his OCBP staff on Tuesday. Essentially, the policy statement, dated retroactively to May 20, states the Beach Patrol will carefully document complaints of female bare-chestedness on the beach, but will not approach women who exercise their apparent rights to go topless.

“Until we get specific guidance from the State’s Attorney, the City Solicitor and the Mayor and Council, we will handle complaints about women going topless on our beaches in the following manner,” the policy statement reads. “We will document the complaint on a minor incident form with information and particulars about the situation and the complainant’s information. We will not approach the topless woman, even if requested to do so by the complainant or other beach patrons.”

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UPD: И незамедлительно воспоследовавшая реакция местных властей --

[Jun 14 2017 | by Felicity Jones | via YNA]

Ocean City Deems Topfreedom “Unpalatable” and Unsuitable For Families

Last week, news came out that topfreedom was allowed, or more precisely, not outlawed, for women at Ocean City beach in Maryland. This was after three women were recently seen sunbathing topfree, and word got out that the Ocean City Beach Patrol had issued a memo telling their staff not to bother topfree women.

This, however, was not done in the name of gender equality. It was based on the absence of any law against it. There are currently no state laws against women’s topfreedom in Maryland.

People thought this was great news. Meanwhile Ocean City was trying to quickly backtrack their new reputation as having a topfree beach. On June 9, a post appeared on the .gov website declaring, “Ocean City Is Not A Topless Beach & Will Not Become A Topless Beach.” It clarified that the Mayor and City Council were firmly against women’s topfreedom.

On June 10, just 3 days after the first story came out, Ocean City unanimously passed an emergency law against women being topless anywhere within the city. Violating the ordinance is a “municipal infraction” subject to a fine of up to $1,000. (Hefty punishment for having female breasts!)

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«Kоварные планы Мазарини»
Annapolis, MD | April 2016
photo © [personal profile] ohubelka
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Пошёл обедать, заглянул в букинистический на 17-й между K и L, а там чего внезапно нашёл.

Взял, конечно же. Буду детям показывать.
A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union
by Rick Smolan, David Cohen
Published January 5th 1988 by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
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Интересная статья попалась на глаза. Текст, сразу предупреждаю, длинный. И речь пойдёт о биохимии не в переносном, а самом прямом смысле.

Why Poverty Is Like a Disease
Emerging science is putting the lie to American meritocracy.

[BY CHRISTIAN H. COOPER | April 20, 2017 | via NAUTIL.US]

n paper alone you would never guess that I grew up poor and hungry.

My most recent annual salary was over $700,000. I am a Truman National Security Fellow and a term member at the Council on Foreign Relations. My publisher has just released my latest book series on quantitative finance in worldwide distribution.

None of it feels like enough though. I feel as though I am wired for a permanent state of fight or flight, waiting for the other shoe to drop, or the metaphorical week when I don’t eat. I’ve chosen not to have children, partly because—despite any success—I still don’t feel I have a safety net. I have a huge minimum checking account balance in mind before I would ever consider having children. If you knew me personally, you might get glimpses of stress, self-doubt, anxiety, and depression. And you might hear about Tennessee.

Meet anyone from Tennessee and they will never say they are from “just” Tennessee. They’ll add a prefix: East, West, or Middle. My early life was in East Tennessee, in an Appalachian town called Rockwood. I was the eldest of four children with a household income that couldn’t support one. Every Pentecostal church in the surrounding hillbilly heroin country smelled the same: a sweaty mix of cheap cleaner and even cheaper anointing oil, with just a hint of forsaken hope. One of those forsaken churches was effectively my childhood home, and my school.

Schoolhouse: The Front St. Pentecostal Church in Rockwood, Tennessee. It was where I went to school, and the center of my daily life.

Class was a single room of 20 people running from kindergarten through twelfth grade, part of an unaccredited school practicing what’s called Accelerated Christian Education. We were given booklets to read to ourselves, by ourselves. We scored our own homework. There were no lectures, and I did not have a teacher. Once in a while the preacher’s wife would hand out a test. We weren’t allowed to do anything. There were no movies, and no music. Years would pass with no distinguishing features, no events. There was barely any socializing.

On top of it all, I spent a lot of my time pondering basic questions. Where will my next meal come from? Will I have electricity tomorrow? I became intimately acquainted with the embarrassment of my mom trying to hide our food stamps at the grocery store checkout. I remember panic setting in as early as age 8, at the prospect of a perpetual uncertainty about everything in life, from food to clothes to education. I knew that the life I was living couldn’t be normal. Something was wrong with the tiny microcosm I was born into. I just wasn’t sure what it was.

As an adult I thought I’d figured that out. I’d always thought my upbringing had made me wary and cautious, in a “lessons learned” kind of way. Over the past decades, though, that narrative has evolved. We’ve learned that the stresses associated with poverty have the potential to change our biology in ways we hadn’t imagined. It can reduce the surface area of your brain, shorten your telomeres and lifespan, increase your chances of obesity, and make you more likely to take outsized risks.

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Из дневника наблюдений за живой природой: на "пентагонском" автобусе гражданин читает книгу Иоанна Кронштадтского "Моя жизнь во Христе" (в английском переводе).
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«Нью-Йорк — город контрастов»
Washington Square Park, New York, NY
April 10, 2017
© O.C.T.P.F.A.S.
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Вести с полей:

Учёные Франции заплатят €15 тыс. тому, кто готов лежать 60 дней подряд
[via L!FE]

Лежать, ничего не делать, смотреть, как над тобой хлопочут другие, и получать за это деньги — мечта каждого. Такую работу предлагают учёные из Института космической медицины и психологии в Тулузе. За 60 дней в лежачем положении они готовы заплатить 15 тысяч евро.

Французские учёные ищут добровольца, который смог бы пролежать 60 дней, чтобы изучить влияние продолжительной невесомости на организм. Одно из обязательных условий — ваше плечо всегда должно касаться кровати, даже тогда, когда вы ходите в туалет.

Учёные Франции, создаётся впечатление, не очень знакомы с творчеством Фёдора нашего Михалыча:

[...] В Америке я лежал три месяца на соломе, рядом с одним... несчастным, и узнал от него, что в то же самое время, когда вы насаждали в моем сердце бога и родину, — в то же самое время, даже, может быть, в те же самые дни, вы отравили сердце этого несчастного, этого маньяка, Кириллова, ядом...

-- Ф.М. Достоевский. «Бесы», часть вторая, глава первая

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«Все животные равны, nо некоторые животные менее равны, чем другие»
из фейсбука
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Из дневника наблюдений за живой природой.
Странной, мягко говоря, идеей представляется мне надеть на голову бейсболку, будучи обмундированным в деловой костюм при галстуке. И ещё более странной -- повернуть её козырьком назад.
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Ото ж богато насрато у гражданина в башке...

[...] Well Bannon we now know what you are doing, attacking Socialism in the name of Communism. Socialism needs Capitalism. Capitalism needs Socialism without the other you have Communism and when you throw Putin in the mix you have satanism.
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Marilyn Lange
Playboy June 1975 outtake
featured in: Special Collector’s Edition Beach Babes, May 2016
photographed by Dwight Hooker

о футболе — под катом
== BONUS! == )

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This country is going straight to hell!
-- Colonel Frank Fitts in "American Beauty" (1999)

Вот такое вот замечательное письмо получил только что от рекрутера по каналу рассылки вакансий по профессии:

изображение прилагалось
Hi Alex,

I have been deeply disturbed by this Putin political capture and the preponderance of hateful propaganda permeating Linkedin. I ask you in the name of Democracy please join the International Fancy Eagles counter-propaganda group. My goal is to create a centralized resource for Intelligence to see the propagandist profiles and posts on Linkedin in hopes that Linkedin will pull their heads out of their asses and take them down. Freedom of speech is one thing. Freedom of allowing Putin to poison our social media and comment sections with propagandist hate is a whole other evil animal. Join us!

"Скажите пожалуйста, у вас нет другого глобуса?"™

Read more... )
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Пишет некий "уезжант" на форуме мгушников:

[...] в Москве. Зима.
Чудовищно. Я не могу понять, как я тут жил много лет.
Серое небо (уже два месяца как такая погода, говорят). Облезлые многоэтажки. Машины грязные, как свинопотамы. Более-менее светло часов в 10 дня.
Воображаю себе картину "к 9 утра на работу из-за мкада". Просыпаешься - темнище. На улице дубак (ладно еще сейчас ноль). На остановке церемониально померзнуть. Хмурые, злые люди в автобусах или, не дай бог, электричках. Сидячих мест мало. Метро шумное. А вечером назад. Ладно еще если дома тебя ждет любимая, а если ты один? Тут самые развеселые клоуны и квнщики начнут бухать. Кому тут еще рождаться, кроме Егоров Летовых? Что тут еще делать, кроме, как запрещать?
Даже вчерашняя выставка Васи Ложкина в таком ракурсе отдает трагизмом (так себе выставка, не рекомендую, ждал большего).

Автор, надо полагать, проснувшись утром, распахивает окна до пола, в огромную спальню врываются солнечный свет и океанский бриз, спускается в столовую, где приветливо улыбающаяся горничная уже накрыла лёгкий завтрак, окунувшись в бассейн и освежившись, надевает идеально скроенный костюм от Бриони без галстука, садится в Феррари с открытым верхом и за пять минут под рёв мощного мотора и шелест волн внизу долетает с ветерком до офиса.

Молодец, короче, автор -- рад за него.
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Там же у Талеба вычитал ссылку на небезынтересное исследование Ранка и Хиршла:

[...] It turns out that 12 percent of the population will find themselves in the top 1 percent of the income distribution for at least one year. What’s more, 39 percent of Americans will spend a year in the top 5 percent of the income distribution, 56 percent will find themselves in the top 10 percent, and a whopping 73 percent will spend a year in the top 20 percent of the income distribution.

полный текст -- под катом )
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Нассим наш Талеб разразился очередным текстом, в котором, что твой Шура Балаганов, довольно толково, хотя и монотонно, рассказал содержание массовой брошюры "Мятеж на "Очакове" эргодической гипотезы, в пух и прах разнёс известную работу Томаса Пикетти, настаивая при этом на неверном написании фамилии последнего, и выдал некую версию, частично объясняющую недавний успех Трампа:

[...] There is something respectable in losing a billion dollars, provided it is your own money.
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Из разговоров мо́лодежи в конторе:

— Ну так и во сколько ты поднимаешься-то в итоге?
— В 4:30. В 5:00 уже в спортзале.
— Ну ты, блин, даешь! Круто! Я так не могу! Я в спортзале никак не раньше 5:30...

Проистёк этот диалог, к слову сказать, из обсуждения непроверенных слухов о том, что в Испании народ колобродит далеко за полночь , спит до десяти и на работу приходит к одиннадцати – и что "невозможно же так жить!".


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