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Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse | Lui magazine #10 September/2014 | «Free The Nipple» | photographed by Maciek Kobielski

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Abbey Lee Kershaw at Met Gala, New York, May 6, 2013.

This year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute gala’s theme was “PUNK: Chaos to Couture”.
Abbey Lee Kershaw staged a protest of sorts, making clear her stance on the current gun control debate.
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Toni Garrn, St. Barts February/26/2013. Presumably a Victoria's Secret photoshoot.
[ via ITR2010 ]
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Daniella Moyles at The Erics Awards
Dublin, Jan/16/2013
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Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, presumably late 1960’s, venue unknown [ via Sex&Fashion ].
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Saint-Tropez, Côte d'Azur,
c. 1967
If anybody must get credit for popularizing the bikini in the world it is Brigitte Bardot. The bikini becomes such an integral part of Bardot's career that she becomes The Bikini Girl.

It is somewhat less known that BB played an important role in taking a step further and popularizing topless sunbathing. As Bikini Science puts it: "Brigitte Bardot Invents Topless Beach" [www]:
At Cannes, the site of a major international film festival, a horde of obliging movie starlets doff their tops and vie for the riotous attention of a horde of photographers snapping their pictures--and sending the message around the world. The monokini movement gains momentum when young French actress Brigitte Bardot introduces topless sunbathing at the Byblos Hotel in St. Tropez in 1967.
Same claim is made in a Telegraph article few years back:
The beaches where Brigitte Bardot first introduced the world to topless sunbathing are undergoing a mass cover up as French women ditch their penchant for a little harmless nudity.
which, rather unfortunately, also informs us that -so to speak- the tide is changing. But according to another somewhat more recent Telegraph report not everything is lost just yet :)

Le Roi topelss est mort, vive le Roi topless!

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Cannes, 1953
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Elle Macpherson at Harbour Island, Bahamas for 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, All-Star Model Cover Model Reunion photographed by: Raphael Mazzucco.

It's not that I'm unfamiliar with SI Swimsuit photography paradigm of trying to show as much skin as possible yet without overstepping certain boundaries of modesty, but strategic placing of "Godiva hair" seems -for the lack of better word- out of place here :)

Elle in Saint-Tropez on board of ALIOSHA VIII of RURIK in the same year of 2006. And interestingly enough in the company of Arpad Busson about a year after the two of them split up. three more pics )
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Year, location & source are unknown.

Yet, assuming it's legitimate, most definitely long before infamous FEMEN[LJ] "Women Power" movement and "Occupy Wall Street" [wiki]protests.

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Sydney, Australia. December/2006
© Rob Pickin
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imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Daria Werbowy and Erin Wasson topless on a St. Barts beach in early February/2010 while shooting an H&M campaign in Saint Barthélemy.
Take that, Gisele! :)

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May Andersen and Julie Ordon frolicking on the boat somewhere, presumably Mediterranean [ via ITR2010.org ]. Allegedly, those photographs of them two doing bad girl things are "private" and have been "leaked" from May Andersen.

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Nicole Trunfio in the supplement to November/2004 issue of Vogue Italy photographed by Melvin Sokolsky.

Nicole Trunfio at the premier of The Extra Man (2010) in New York [ via ITR2010.org ]. The observed, ghm, wardrobe malfunction is referred to as inadvertent, which, quite honestly, appears to be kinda hard to believe :)
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Apr. 15th, 2009 10:40 pm
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[Error: unknown template video]Yet another project inspired by nakedNEWS[wiki]: Moscow-Girls.TV   [ tipped by [livejournal.com profile] byglyckp ]

Anchor: Elena (Alena) Ivasechko [[livejournal.com profile] ivasechko] a.k.a. "Eliane".

Unlike the nakedNEWS, all the weekly broadcasts (or rather netcasts) of MGirls.tv are available online free of charge and subscription at least for the time being. The project focuses only on two main topics: society and -of all the things- global finance. Well, if the girl on the screen giving me the investment advice is undressed, it's gotta be more trustworthy, right? :)
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Photographed by Guus Krol of flickr at KaZantip 2008 (Z16), model: Julia [ via flickr ].

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Elsa Benítez photographed by paparazzi circa August/2008 in Miami. one more tagged picture under the cut )

UPD: Evidently she filed a lawsuit over these pictures.

Elsa Benítez in Pirelli calendar 1999 photographed by Herb Ritts and in GQ (IT) "Top 100" circa 2001.
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Just another day in paradise, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Feb/2007 [ via & © Padrone @flickr ]


Monjas destape, Canet d'en Berenguer, Valencia, Spain, Aug/2006 [ via & © olebrat @flickr ]
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Raising the Union Jack taken on July/12/1981 at the beach in Nice, Côte d'Azur, France [ via & © Running in Suffolk @flickr ]

Few more pictures from July/1981 taken in Saint-Raphaël under the cut )
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I don't normally post this kind of stuff, but what the heck: Natalia Vodianova, somewhat -let's put it this way- controversial view.

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"KaZantip Forever" by misha_057 @PhotoSight [ via PhotoSight ].

taken by maxwelld
It just so happened that I never had a chance to go to KaZantip[wiki], which is in essence kinda like a Burning Man[wiki], I guess (for that matter, I've never been to a Burning Man either, that's just the kind of a boring life I'm living). What I did actually do though, while vacationing in California few weeks ago I did pay a visit to San Diego's very own Black's Beach[wiki], which was named by Forbes among world top topless beaches in 2006 [ posted ]. Interestingly enough Black's Beach happens to be located just below the cliffs few hundred yards from UCSD campus :)
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Cindy Crawford photographed topless on vacation in French Rivera circa beginning of August/2008 [ via DFS ].

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