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Cindy Crawford |W Magazine March 2014 outtakes | “Pillow Tweets” | photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
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Cindy Crawford & Clement Chabernaud in V #86 Winter/2013-14, Cindy in Menswear photographed by Sebastian Faena [ via tFS ]
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Cindy Crawford in Paris Match France September/1989, Tres Chere Cindy photographed by Yann Gamblin [ via 80s-90s Supermodels ]
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IT COULD HAPPEN. Please drink responsibly
Cindy Crawford, George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Stacy Keibler for Casamigos Tequila.
Written and directed by George Clooney (2013)

BONUS: Cindy on George's boat back in '08 )

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Cindy Crawford as a finalist in the Elite Model Look 1983 [ via 80-90s Supermodels ]
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Cindy Crawford, 1991 [ via 80-s-90s Supermodels ]
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Abridged version (sans Christy) of Herb Ritts' famous Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Naomi (Hollywood, 1989) [ via MagnificentModels ].
The better know version (below) has a most welcome addition of Christy, but interestingly enough the last garments of Stephanie's and Naomi's attire seem to have disappeared between the shots.

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Peter Lindbergh with Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista.
Backstage from now famous UK Vogue January/1990 photoshoot [ via MagnificentModels ].
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Outtake from Cindy Crawford’s photoshoot for October/1998 issue of Playboy magazine[posted] by Herb Ritts
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(left) Tavik Swimwear, 2012 [link]
(right) Cindy Crawford by Herb Ritts, Playboy 07/1988

Just saying :)
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Cindy Crawford & Christy TurlingtonCindy Crawford with Christy Turlington on a runway, presumably dating back to mid or late 80's. Exact date and venue are unknown.
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Outtake from the classic photoshoot of Cindy Crawford by Herb Ritts for June/1988 issue of Playboy magazine [ via tFS ]. Quite honestly, not that much different from the shot that made it into the editorial.

see yourself: 1988 Cindy under the cut )

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Cindy Crawford photographed in 1993 by Annie Leibovitz.
That famous "Eve in the garden of Eden" photo of Cindy in rare high quality triggered the comeback of this journal from semi-retirement :)
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Cindy Crawford in no.5 (2011) issue of Future Claw magazine, photographed by Andrew Macpherson [ via tFS ].
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Cindy Crawford photographed by Deborah Anderson, date unknown.
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Cindy Crawford in March/2010 issue of UK Harper's Bazaar.
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Cindy Crawford in March/2010 issue of US Harper's Bazaar, Lucite Spring's Clear Choice photographed by Miguel Reveriego [ via tFS ].
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A very young Cindy modelling a bra for, presumably, a Chicago store [ via tFS ].
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Very young Cindy Crawford, presumably from mid '80s, the source of the photo is unknown [ via tFS ].


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