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Accents («Акценты») photographed by Alexander Shahabalov (Александр Шахабалов[wiki]) [ via Photosight ]. Clearly inspired by Roversi's Nudi [posted]
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It's freaking snowing all over the East Coast now...

Farewell winter, welcome spring! photographed by Olga Volodina ([livejournal.com profile] olya_volodina), model: Hélène aka Princessa aka [livejournal.com profile] mickey_mouse1 [ via PhotoSight ].
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Anna Voloshina[fk] (Анна Волошина) photographed by Vlad Shutov (Влад Шутов) [ via PhotoSight ]
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February 23rd: Red Army Day[wiki]

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[ via & © Andy A. Tych @PhotoSight ]
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Two stories photographed by Vasiliy Voynov (Василий Войнов) a.k.a. VoVa (Vassa)

"The Truth about Photographers" [ via PhotoSight ]

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Viva Fidel!

Jan. 1st, 2009 02:15 pm
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Cuba Libre photographed by Aleksey Lebedev for "Moulin Rouge" magazine, model Elena Zubritskaya [ via PS ].

Posted commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution[wiki] victory.

P.S. [ x-posted @[livejournal.com profile] herr_0berst ]
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Happy New Year!

[ via PhotoSight ]
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Photographed by Alexander Palatovskiy (Александр Палатовский) [ via Photosight ].

Seems to be inspired by classic 1989 Herb Ritts photograph Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Naomi:

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"KaZantip Forever" by misha_057 @PhotoSight [ via PhotoSight ].

taken by maxwelld
It just so happened that I never had a chance to go to KaZantip[wiki], which is in essence kinda like a Burning Man[wiki], I guess (for that matter, I've never been to a Burning Man either, that's just the kind of a boring life I'm living). What I did actually do though, while vacationing in California few weeks ago I did pay a visit to San Diego's very own Black's Beach[wiki], which was named by Forbes among world top topless beaches in 2006 [ posted ]. Interestingly enough Black's Beach happens to be located just below the cliffs few hundred yards from UCSD campus :)
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Artwork by Cornacchia @PhotoSight [ via PhotoSight ].


Sep. 8th, 2008 11:44 pm
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"Swift" photographed by Vladimir Teselkin a.k.a. vitov @PhotoSight [ via PhotoSight ]
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Enjoying Summer photographed by Yan McLine of Photosight [ via PS ]. Somehow reminds me of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli [posted]
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Cuba photographed by Sergey Kaminski (Сергей Каминский) a.k.a. ser,ga of Photosight [ via PS ].
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Photographed by Oleg Litvak (Олег Литвак) a.k.a. Bobbi of Photosight [ via PS ]
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DJ Norbert Fuhrman & Masha photographed by Kirill Khanenkov (Кирилл Ханенков) [ via PhotoSight ].
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[ via Photosight]
Airborne Troops Day is widely (and often wildly!) celebrated[about] in Russia on August 2nd.

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[ via damochka.ru ]
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Photographed by Andrey Polyakov (Андрей Поляков) [ via Photosight ]
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Staníslava (Stana) Kopáčková in "Rain series" photographed by Miro Hvozdenský in April/2008 [ via FOTOpátračka & via PhotoSight]
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[ via PhotoSight ]
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Happy New Year!
С Новым годом!
Bonne Année!
Prost Neujahr!

[ via STRINGER-RUS of PhotoSight ]


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